Corporate Profile

SYN is a leading Brazilian Company of real estate acquisition, lease, sales, development and operation. The Company focuses in the segments of shopping malls and high-end corporate buildings, with investments mainly in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and is part of projects located in Goiás.

With over 16 years of experience in the segment, SYN is the result of the spin-off in 2007 of the activities related to commercial real estate of Cyrela Brazil Realty.

The Company has knowledge and experience in several technical aspects of performance and occupation, which leads to assets with a high standard of quality and sophistication, helping the Company to consistently achieve occupancy rates higher than those verified in the market.

Currently, SYN has around 201,000 sqm in leasing areas under its operation.

In the segments of Triple A and Class A Corporate Buildings, the Company’s portfolio includes 9 operating properties, totaling a leasing area of around 66,000 square meters, held exclusively by SYN.

SYN's shopping center portfolio has 6 assets, all managed directly. There are approximately 127,000 square meters of GLA in operation.
SYN also has a stake in a logistics warehouse under development, with 7,000 m² already in operation.



SYN was established as a spin-off from Cyrela on April 11, 2007. Cyrela, in turn, was formed with the merger of the Cyrela Group into Brazil Realty. The former controller of the companies of the Cyrela Group, established in 1962, was dedicated exclusively to the activity of developing residential buildings and office suites in office buildings, and subcontracted the construction and sale of the projects. Brazil Realty was established in 1994 as a joint venture between Cyrela’s controlling shareholder and IRSA, with the purpose of building and leasing high quality office buildings.

As a result of the spin-off, Cyrela transferred its assets that included activities related to the development and acquisition of office buildings and shopping centers, as well as the management services of these properties, to SYN. Each Cyrela shareholder received one share issued by SYN for each share held in Cyrela. The appraisal that was the basis for the transaction was prepared by Terco Grant Thornton. It appraised the spun off amount at R$228.2 million, equivalent to 11.7% of Cyrela’s net worth.



  • Formation of a partnership (50%-50% joint venture) with the American multinational AMB Property.
  • Formation of a partnership with the multinational Prologis Inc.
  • Adhesion to the United Nations Global Pact.


  • Alpine Woods Capital Investors LLC acquire 5.0% of the total common shares of SYN.
  • Announcement of a joint venture with global financial leaders to invest in the commercial real estate market in Brazil
  • Announcement of the acquisition of land for the future development of a Shopping Mall in São Paulo.


  • Announcement of the 1st Issue of Debentures
  • Development of the Logistics Park in São Paulo in partnership with AMB Property Corporation.
  • Announcement of the partnership with BRMalls to develop the Shopping Estação BH mall.
  • Acquisition of land to expand the Logistics Park in Cajamar.
  • Acquisition of 7,500 m² of land along Avenida Faria Lima in São Paulo.
  • Approval and launch of the Shopping Metropolitano Barra mall project.
  • Increase in the Company’s stake in the Torre Matarazzo project.
  • Development of the Logistics Park in the State of Rio de Janeiro (Rodovia Presidente Dutra).
  • Development of the Logistics Park in the State of São Paulo (Jundiaí).
  • Announcement of the partnership with Aliansce Shopping Centers S.A. for the development of the Parque Shopping Belém mall.


  • Delivery of the Logistics Park in Cajamar.


  • Announcement of the 2nd Issue of Debentures.
  • Opening of the Parque Shopping Belém mall.
  • Development of the Shopping Center mall in Goiânia.
  • Opening of the Shopping Estação BH mall.
  • Sale of the Matarazzo Corporate Tower.
  • Opening of the Shopping Grand Plaza mall expansion, in Santo André, São Paulo.
  • Delivery, leasing and partial sale of the Cajamar Industrial Park, in Cajamar (SP).
  • Sale of the Company’s stake in “CEO Offices” to a Real Estate Investment Fund.


  • Delivery, leasing and partial sale of the Jundiaí Industrial Park, in Jundiaí (SP).
  • Announcement of the 3rd Issue of Debentures.
  • Announcement of the 4th Issue of Debentures.
  • Acquisition of the additional 50% in the Shopping Cidade São Paulo mall.
  • Announcement of the 5th Issue of Debentures.
  • Delivery of CEO – Corporate Executive Offices in Rio de Janeiro (RJ).
  • Opening of the Shopping Metropolitano Barra mall, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ).
  • Opening of the Tietê Plaza Shopping mall in São Paulo (SP).


  • Announcement of the 6th Issue of Debentures.
  • Increase in Shopping Cerrado’s interest
  • Completion of the Thera Corporate construction
  • Announcement of Gasômetro Project.
  • Stand-by Letter of Credit.


  • Inauguration of Shopping Cidade São Paulo: 17,500 sqm of Gross Leasable Area and 160 stores.
  • Building Leasings: Thera Office Occupancy – 86.3% and Conclusion of the CEO South Tower project leasing.
  • Capital increase of R$400 MM.
  • Sale of assets: CENESP Building – R$15 MM, Agência Rio de Janeiro project – R$17 MM and Thera Corporate – R$236 MM (Concluded in 1Q16).


  • Sale of the Thera Corporate project, located in São Paulo
  • Delivery of Blocks 3100 and 3200 of the Prologis CCP Cajamar III project and Blocks 100 and 200 of the Prologis CCP Caxias project.
  • Inauguration of Shopping Cerrado.
  • Sale of Tamboré III Industrial Park
  • Issue of R$150 million in Commercial Papers
  • 7thand 8th Debenture Issue


  • Delivery and Lease of the Miss Silvia Morizono Building
  • Issue of R$135 million in Commercial Papers
  • Prologis and CPPIB transactions
  • Sale of the Logistic Warehouses portfolio
  • Sale of Parque Industrial Tamboré I
  • Prepayment of R$730 million in debt
  • Payment of R$345 million in dividends


  • 9th Issue of Debentures
  • Pre-payment of the 1st Promissory Note and of the 6th Issue of Debentures
  • Sale of ‘Parque Shopping Belém’
  • Sale of ‘Parque Logístico Tamboré II’
  • Sale of interest in Shopping Cidade São Paulo
  • Option to acquire the Miss Silvia Morizono building
  • Acquisition of suit in the JK 1455 building
  • 10th Debenture issue
  • Prepayment of the real estate loan of Shopping Cidade São Paulo


  • 11th Issue of Debentures
  • Acquisition of the 7th floor of Miss Silvia Morizono
  • Acquisition of 10% of Birmann
  • Prepayment of the 8th Debenture Issue
  • Partnership with Delivery Center
  • Public Offering of Primary Distribution
  • Acquisition of the 18th floor of Faria Lima Financial Center
  • Alienation of Faria Lima Business Center
  • Acquisition of JK Tower D and JK Tower E
  • 12th Issue of Debentures


  • Acquisition of the 17th floor of the Faria Lima Financial Center
  • Two Share Buyback Program
  • Sale of Corporate Park
  • Cancellation of shares
  • Acquisition of the 4th floor of the Faria Lima Financial Center


  • Partial pre-payment of the 7th Issue of Debentures
  • 13th Issue of Debentures
  • Joint Venture with SPX
  • Launch of the new Brand and change of ticker
  • Pre-payment of Miss Silvia Morizono funding
  • Sale of Faria Lima Square, Faria Lima Financial Center, JK1455 and Miss Silvia Morizono for R$ 1.79 bi, the biggest Real Estate transaction in Brazil in 2021
  • Sale of JK Financial Center
  • Sale of Shopping Estação BH
  • Sale of 2/3 of participation in logistics project CLD
  • Acquisition of 5 floors of the JK D Tower
  • Payment of R$1.25 billion in dividends
  • Disclosure of the 2020 ESG Report


  • Pre-payment of the 7th Issue of Debentures
  • Pre-payment of the 9th Issue of Debentures
  • Partial pre-payment of the 7st series of 13rd Issue of Debentures
  • Payment of R$80 millions in dividends
  • Investment in CondoConta
  • Prepayment of the second series of the 11th Issue of Debentures
  • Valor 1000 award for the best company in the Real Estate sector


  • Sale of Suarez Trade