Since its spin-off in 2007, the Company has always been committed to the best Corporate Governance and socio-environmental practices. SYN recognizes that there is still a long way to go to reach the highest standards required by the market and reinforces its commitment in pursuit of these goals. Transparency is a fundamental value for SYN, which seeks to be a reference in ESG in the Real Estate sector in Brazil. The Company is committed to promoting sustainable development and social responsibility in all its activities, constantly seeking to evolve its processes and practices to ensure a more sustainable future, meeting the demands of the market and its stakeholders.

To continue on this path, in November 2022, the internal ESG Committee was created, which will act strongly to further disseminate the importance of the topic within the Company, concentrating information and analyzes related to this crucial subject. This was an important step in SYN’s ESG journey, allowing for greater quality and speed to move forward.

We invite you to access our ESG reports below:

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