Competitive Advantages

SYN’s competitive strengths include:

Solid Experience and Reputation. The Company has more than 16 years experience in the commercial real estate sector, and especially in the São Paulo metropolitan area, having built a solid reputation in this market, which SYN believes has occurred because of its capacity to identify good opportunities and anticipate trends, offering innovative products with high quality and technology. The Company believes that its profile, size and image, combined with the quality of our executives, allows us to have access to large real estate transactions, mainly in the São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro metropolitan areas.

High Quality Portfolio of Office Buildings and Customers. The Company believes that currently has one of the best existing office building portfolios in the São Paulo metropolitan area. Approximately 74% of this portfolio, in terms of revenue from leasing, is classified as being Triple A, presenting the highest level of quality and technology according to the methodology used by the Real Estate Center of Poli/University of São Paulo (Núcleo de Real Estate da Poli/USP) to evaluate office buildings.

Mastery of the Development and Construction Management Process. The Comapny has knowledge of modern and up-to-date processes for developing office buildings. On the basis of its experience and knowledge of more than 16 years, SYN has mastered standards of technology, architecture and quality that are internationally recognized, resulting in attractive and sophisticated developments that, at the same time, have low operating costs, reflecting directly in our increased revenues. Besides this, the Company manages the entire construction process of its developments, which allows to optimize construction, with more efficient cost control, and to deliver the product rapidly, so as to meet market demand.

Solid Financial Performance and Growth Potential of Our Current Markets. SYN´s high level of profitability results mainly from the following factors: (i) the Company presents historically low levels of vacancy and default in its developments; (ii) SYN has a portfolio that is distinguished by superior quality products, which gives lease revenue that the Company believes to be higher than the market average; (iii) The Company has low operating and administrative costs, working with a lean administrative structure composed of experienced professionals, and (iv) SYN has efficient cash management.

Management of the Developments. SYN manages the condominium associations in the majority of its developments, focusing always on customer satisfaction and retention. In this regard, through its experience the Company seeks to implement the most modern and economical operating systems in its developments so as to reduce its operating and maintenance costs and, consequently, condominium fees.



SYN believes that the implementation of its main commercial and financial strategies related below will result in improvements in the development of its business, maximizing returns for its shareholders and giving advantages over competitors.

Acquisition of Commercial Real Estate for Leasing. SYN plans to acquire office buildings that have already been built, whether leased or not, seeking to modernize them and bring them up-to-date technologically, or even to reposition them, when necessary, through retrofitting.

Active portfolio management. SYN plans to maintain its position as one of the main companies in the São Paulo metropolitan area in the development and leasing of high standard office buildings, through the purchase of land in strategic locations, which allows us to launch new developments that are built with modern facilities and equipment.

Strategic partnerships in the acquisition of new office assets. SYN recently entered into a partnership with Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB), in which the two companies committed to invest USD 400 million in a new joint venture focused on high-end corporate buildings in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.