The commitment to the best practices of Corporate Governance and to social and environmental practices has always been present within the Company since its spin-off in 2007. SYN recognizes that it has a long way to go to achieve the best standards required by the market and reinforces the your commitment. As a result of its rebranding, SYN is committed to being a more transparent company and aims to become a benchmark ESG company in the Real Estate sector in Brazil. The Company is determined to improve what it already does in this objective and develop metrics that meet the demands of the market and its stakeholders.

LEED buildings

SYN is one of the founding members of the Green Building Council Brazil (GBC Brasil), an association in which we participate and have a strong partnership. We are committed to sustainable development and aim to minimize the environmental impacts of our projects.

All of our AAA buildings are LEED certified, ~60% of which are Gold certified, designed by the non-governmental organization United States Green Building Council, with the aim of promoting and encouraging sustainable building practices.

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